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4100 Autolite Motorcraft Carburetor Repair Kit 4 Barrel 58 - 69 Ford Mercury

4100 Autolite Motorcraft Carburetor Repair Kit 4 Barrel 58 - 69 Ford Mercury

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This Carb Kit fits the following carburetors:

8A-E, B8A-V, B9A-E, COAE-J, COAE-K, EDT-B, EDT-C, 5751681, 5752308, 5752309, 5751679, 5751680, 5751681, 5752308, 5752309, EDC-C,EDC-D, EDT-B, EDT-C, EFA0AA, EFA0AB, EFA0AC, EFA0BA, EFA0BB, EFA0BC, EFA9AA, EFA9AB, EFA9AC, EFA9BB, EFA9BC, 1SA1SA, 1SA1TA, 1SA1TB, 1SA1WA, 1SA1XA, 1SA1XB, C0AE-J, C0AE-K, C1AE-AG, C1AE-AH, C1AE-A1, C2AE-AG, C2AF-AJ, C2AF-AK, C2AF-AL, C2AF-AN, C2AF-AR, C2AF-AT, C2AF-AU, C2AF-AV, C2AF-AY, C2AF-AZ, C2AF-BA, C2AF-A, C2AF-N, C2AF-S, C2AF-T, C2AF-U, C2AF-Y, C2AF-Z, C2AF-AJ, C2AF-AK, C2AF-A1, C2AF-AM, C2AF-AN, C2AF-AR, C2SE-C, C2SF-A, C2SF-B, C3AF-N, C3AF-R, C3AF-S, C3AF-T, C3AF-AT, C3AF-AU, C3AF-AV, C3AF-AY, C3AF-BU, C3AF-BV, C3AF-BY, C3AF-BZ, C30F-AB, C30F-AJ, C3SF-B, C4AF-F, C4AF-K, C4AF-N, C4AF-R, C4AF-BJ, C4AF-DF, C4AF-DG, C4AF-DH, C4AF-DJ, C4AF-DK, C4AF-D1, C4AF-DV, C4AF-DY, C4AF-DZ, C4AF-EA, C4GF-E, C4GF-F, C4GF-Y, C4GF-AA, C4GF-AB, C4GF-E,C4GF-AF,C4GF-AZ, C4GF-BA, C40F-AL, C40F-AT, C40F-BT, C40F-BU, C4SF-A, C4SF-B, C4ZF-C, C4ZF-D, C4ZF-G, C4ZF-H, C5AF-E, C5AF-F, C5AF-H, C5AF-J, C5AF-K, C5AF-Z, C5AF-AA, C5AF-AC, C5AF-AD, C5AF-AE, C5AF-AK, C5AF-A1, C5AF-AN, C5AF-AR, C5AF-AS, C5AF-AT, C5AF-AU, C5AF-AV, C5AF-AZ, C5AF-BA, C5AZ-AU, C50F-J, C50F-K, C50F-L, C50F-M, C50F-T, C50F-U, C5SF-A, C5SF-B, C5ZF-C, C5ZF-D, C5ZF-E, C5ZF-F, C5ZF-J, C5ZF-K, C5ZF-L, C5ZF-M, C6AF-E, C6AF-F, C6AF-G, C6AF-H, C6AF-J, C6AF-K, C6AF-L, C6AF-AB, C6AF-AC, C6AF-AD, C6AF-E,C6AF-AF, C6AF-AG, C6AF-AJ, C6MF-B, C6MF-C, C6MF-E, C6MF-F, C60F-D, C60F-E, -H, -J, C6PF-H, C6PF-M, C6SF-A, C6SF-C, C6ZF-A, C6ZF-B, C6ZF-C, C6ZF-D, C6ZF-E, C6ZF-F, C7AF-A1, C7AF-AM, C7AF-AN, C7AF-AR, C7ZF-B, C7ZF-C, C8AF-AE, C8AF-BG, C8ZF-J, C8ZF-K, 5751682, 5751683, 5752425, EDG-A, EDG-B.

Edsel 8 Cylinder 1958-60

Ford, Mercury 8 cylinder 1958-69

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