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Hitachi 2B DCH340 Carburetor Repair Kit for use on Nissan 1975 - 80 200SX 1952cc Hitachi 2B DCH340 Carburetor Repair Kit for use on Nissan 1975 - 80 200SX 1952cc

Fits carburetors original to 1975 through 1980 Nissan Hitachi 200 SX 2 Barrel 1952cc Engine

As pictured* this kit fits the following carburetors:

16010-N5801, 16010-N5802, 16010-N5811, 16010-W5800, 16010-W5801, 16010-W5810, 16010-W5811, 16010-W5812, 16010-W5840, 16010-W5860, 16010-N5902, 16010-N5903, 16010-N5912, 16010-N5913, 16010-W5900, 16010-W5901, 16010-W5903, 16010-W5910, 16010-W5911, 16010-W5913, 16010-U6702, 16010-U6703, 16010-U6710, 16010-U6711, 16010-W6700, 16010-W6701, 16010-W6703, 16010-U6802, 16010-U6803, 16010-U6804, 16010-U6810, 16010-U6811, 16010-U6812, 16010-U6813, 16010-W6800, 16010-W6801, 16010-W6810, 16010-W6811, 16010-N7301, 16010-N7306, 16010-N7340, 16010-N7345, 16010-N7380, 16010-N7385, 16010-B8001, 16010-B8002, 16010-B8010, 16010-B8100, 16010-B8900, 16010-B8901, 16010-B8910, 16010-B8911, 16010-B9100, 16010-B9101, 16010-B9110, 16010-B9111, 16010-B9200, 16010-B9201, 16010-B9210, 16010-B9211, 16010-B9800, 16010-B9801, 16010-B9803, 16010-B9810, 16010-B9811, 16010-B9812, 16010-B9841, 16010-B9900, 16010-B9901, 16010-B9903, 16010-B9910, 16010-B9911, 16010-B9913, 16010-B9941, 16010-04W01, 16010-04W11 , 16010-04W61, 16010-05W01, 16010-05W11, 16010-05W61, 16010-14W00, 16010-14W10.

* colors vary.

Our Price: $14.95